You’ve driven, walked and maybe even sailed to get to the Tip of Australia, but the best is saved for last and it’s right here and now, a spectacularly scenic helicopter flight.

Launching from the beach you’ll take to the sky. This is a place of remarkable beauty and we can’t wait to share and show it to you. We’ve crafted a series of 6 unique itineraries, all of which commence with a scenic Tip of Australia heli flight, before showcasing a range of other destinations. They last anywhere from 10 to 85 minutes and if you had something specific in mind – like an epic location for a proposal – then talk to us, because we’re always happy to customise a heli charter for you. Your pilot guides are aviation professionals, passionate about ensuring these flights make all the right memories. Each flight takes a maximum of 3 adult guests (please see our FAQs for more information regarding children and weight limitations) and is delivered on our Robinson R44 helicopter, which provides amazing views from all sides. We’re living the dream up here and when you choose to fly with Coastal Rotors, you will too.

Discover Pajinka – The Tip

10 Minutes

We fly to Australia’s most northern point – Pajinka (The Tip) – with Evans and Frangipani Bay in the backdrop. We orbit here, allowing time for views and photos, before tracking back to Punsand Bay, getting a glimpse of Cable Beach and maybe some of the local marine and wildlife.

1 Pax $504
2 Pax $252pp
3 Pax $168pp
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Punsand Panorama

20 Minutes

After taking in Pajinka (The Tip), we track west exploring the shores of Punsand Bay and flying over Possession Island (where Captain Cook allegedly claimed possession in 1770) and Roko Island, with its floating bamboo jetty. Back over Wroonga Point to Punsand Bay.

1 Pax $780
2 Pax $390pp
3 Pax $260pp
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Strait Escape

30 Minutes

Continue west from Pajinka and the panoramic view of the coastline will showcase the picture perfect Punsand Bay. Catch a glimpse of the Torres Strait Island group, always stunning and there is no better way to appreciate its beauty and historical landmarks than by air.

1 Pax $1,092
2 Pax $546pp
3 Pax $364pp
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Explore The Shores

40 Minutes

From Pajinka (The Tip), we take you through the middle of the Torres Strait Islands where you’ll see Horn, Thursday, Hammond, Goods and Prince of Wales Islands. Soak up the sights of turquoise waters, home to coral reefs, turtles, rays, dugongs and more, see WW2 infrastructure, a shipwreck and more.

1 Pax $1,290
2 Pax $645pp
3 Pax $430pp
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Extended Strait Escape Flight

55 Minutes

This one is an extension on the very popular Strait Escape scenic heli flight. The extra time allows us to navigate around Horn, Thursday, Hammond, Goods and Prince of Wales Islands, before returning to Punsand Bay via Possession Island and Roko Island, a former Pearl Farm and now unique glamping destination.

1 Pax $1,662
2 Pax $831pp
3 Pax $554pp
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Chasing Waterfalls

85 Minutes

Elliot, Twin and Fruit Bat Falls are all icons of this area and to see them from the sky, is to really appreciate their size and isolation amongst the vast landscape of the Cape. You’ll also see the Lockerbie Scrub and wetlands of the Jardine Swamp. Other highlights including Crab Island, Roko Island and Seisia.

1 Pax $2,610
2 Pax $1,305pp
3 Pax $870pp
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Our Tip of Australia heli flights operate 7 days a week, taking off from the beach at Cape York Camping Punsand Bay.

We don’t have a set schedule of departure times and can fly at any time between 8am – 5pm (after hours by request). At Coastal Rotors we tailor our services to suit you, which enables us to provide maximum flexibility, to fit any of our epic heli flights into your itinerary. Each flight on Robinson R44 helicopter has a set price, so the per person price reduces for each adult passenger. There is in-flight communication between pilots / passengers thanks to headsets and an informative commentary is provided throughout. Please note guest numbers are subject to age and weight limits (see our FAQs for more information) – flights operate subject to weather conditions. Coastal Rotors can modify the departure / return point to suit the needs of guests, including but not limited to Northern Peninsular Airport (Bamaga), Thursday Island and Horn Island. If you have any queries regarding our Tip of Australia heli flights, and other Torres Strait Island or Cape York heli flights, please don’t hesitate to contact us.