Coastal Rotors provide Cape York heli air work services for commercial and government clients, across the NPA and Torres Strait Islands. Safety. Compliance. Reliability.

Our team of experienced pilots are low-level flying experts and can be chartered to provide a range of Cape York heli air work services, across the Northern Peninsula Area and Torres Strait Islands. Our air work services include but are not limited to, aerial survey and spotting, mustering services, medical transfers, sling work, asset inspections, feral animal control, aerial filming and photography, search and rescue, emergency provision supplies and more. Our aviation professionals are highly skilled and have many hours of flight time providing air work services to a cross-section of clients. Based at Cape York Camping Punsand Bay, Coastal Rotors operates 7 days a week all year round and tailor our Cape York heli air work services to meet client specific needs, with a constant commitment to safety, compliance, efficiency and reliability.

Heli Mustering

The R22 is the perfect machine for heli mustering and our pilots are skilled and experienced at providing this service, while ensuring low stress handling for the cattle. We’ll align our heli mustering services to meet your needs and can co-ordinate with on-ground operations to ensure maximum efficiency. Safety and reliability, every time.

Aerial Survey & Spotting

Coastal Rotors are based at Punsand Bay Cape York. Our pilots are fully licensed and experienced to provide first class aerial survey and spotting services, across the Cape and Torres Strait Islands. We tailor our services to meet your needs and may include asset inspections, aerial searches for rescue, flora and fauna spotting and infrastructure inspections.

Feral Animal Control

Cape York has many feral animals and at Coastal Rotors we recognise the damage these creatures do to environmental and culturally sensitive sites. Our heli is equipped with removable doors and footsteps and our team of pilots have extensive experience at assisting with the implementation and delivery of effective feral animal control.

Coastal Rotors Cape York heli air work services are available 7 days a week, throughout the year.

Our range of air work services can be booked in advance, or in response to an emergency situation. As locals we know the importance of rapid response when a crisis unfolds, be that a weather event, medical emergency, supply of provisions or vehicle or marine accident. Our helicopter is always ready to fly and our skilled pilots are on stand-by, to respond to your heli airwork requirements. For more information contact us today.

Cape York Heli Air Work Services