Coastal Rotors provide helicopter airwork services for commercial and government clients, across Cape York and the Torres Strait Islands. Safety. Compliance. Reliability.

Our team of experienced pilots are low-level flying experts and can be chartered to provide a range of Cape York heli airwork services, across the Northern Peninsula Area and Torres Strait Islands. Our airwork services include but are not limited to, aerial survey and spotting, mustering services, medical transfers, sling work, asset inspections, feral animal control, aerial filming and photography, search and rescue, emergency provision supplies and more. Our aviation professionals are highly skilled and have many hours of flight time providing airwork services to a cross-section of clients. Based at Horn Island, Coastal Rotors operates 7 days a week all year round and tailor our Cape York heli airwork services to meet client specific needs, with a constant commitment to safety, compliance, efficiency and reliability.

Aerial Survey

Coastal Rotors are based at Horn Island. Our pilots are fully licensed and experienced to provide aerial survey services for a range of applications, including but not limited to: environmental, crocodile, seagrass surveys, animal populations, feral animals and weeds. We can also assist with asset inspections, pipeline inspections and more.

Feral Animal Control

We are highly experienced at providing airwork services for feral animal control, including shooting and baiting. There is a shooters step fitted to the helicopter and we ensure all aspects of the job are completed 100% humanely and efficiently. We can also assist with the culling of diseased and feral animals and other pest control.

Filming & Photography

Our helis have panoramic windows, removeable doors and a side-step, making them perfect for photography and filming. In-flight communication between pilot and passengers is facilitated through modern headsets and our pilot ensures a smooth ride, with the capabilities to maneuver into position, enabling you to ‘get the shot’.

Sling Load Operations

Our experienced pilots combined with specialist equipment, including cargo hook and various slings, make us the perfect choice for any sling load operations across the Torres Strait Islands and Cape York. We can also provide qualified ground crew.

Aerial Mustering

With extensive cattle handling experience, on the ground and in the air, we ensure low stress stock handling during our aerial mustering services. We have a Robinson 22 and 44 and you can be assured we are safe, efficient and effective.

Flood & Fire Support

Coastal Rotors can be engaged to provide controlled burning and incendiary dropping, emergency evacuations, fuel, food and fodder supply drops, as well as aerial mustering to get stock to higher ground and/or out of harms way.

Remote Area Access

We can assist with operations in otherwise impossible, remote locations including offshore and confined areas. Fitted with GPS and tracking devices, with real time tracking, Coastal Rotors can assist with the most challenging tasks.

Emergency Services

Coastal Rotors provide fast aircraft deployment for emergency services and search and rescue operations. We enable you to access remote areas for passenger extraction and work with all emergency service responders and agencies.

Other Services As Required

Coastal Rotors is family owned and operated, with experienced high hour pilots. Our fleet is maintained to ensure reliable service and we look forward to assisting you with your airwork service requirements. Contact us for more information.

Coastal Rotors’ Cape York airwork services can be booked 7 days a week, throughout the year.

While we are based at Horn Island Airport, our knowledge and access to remote and strategic refuelling locations across the region, enable our helicopters to stay on task for longer. Our team live here and are proud to support other local Torres Strait Island and Cape York businesses. Our helicopters are maintained to ensure reliable and efficient service and have satellite tracking, with real time tracking. We operate all year round and look forward to supporting you, as your preferred Cape York airwork services provider.